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Katie took to the Facebook group The Organised Housewife to ask: Do you wash your pants after every wear?

The results were startling with some individuals swearing by the need to wash them each day, while others wore their sweat pants and jeans multiple times before even considering popping them in the washing machine.


Red Carpet Redo: Why Are We Still Celebrating Our Wear-It-Once Culture? It’s that time of year again. Red carpet season is upon us and our feeds are a flurry of multiple must-have outfits per night, the latest makeup lewks and serious sartorial triumphs (and a few losses).

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If you’re wondering how this is going to change your life for the better, it basically means that a) you can shop in Australian dollars (huge if you’re used to browsing with a currency convertor open), b) shipping is generally a lot less expensive, because the products are being dispatched from Australian, not international warehouses and c) the offerings will be in line with our seasons. No more clicking through new season coats as we push into summer!


Assembly Label Launches Re-Worn, a Capsule Collection of Pre-Loved Clothes With Prices Reduced by 50 per Cent. Remember that jacket you wanted to buy that sold out before you got around to it? What if you could pick it up for 50 per cent less than the original price and contribute to making the fashion industry more sustainable?

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Alexis Todorovski, National Executive SCRgroup, says Australia is on the right path to increase textile and clothing recycling. Every year, Australians purchase an average of 27 kilograms of new clothing each and throw out about 23 kilograms of used clothing, according to the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

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The introduction of the “watching eye effect” next to SecondLife bins across Geelong has led to a dramatic decrease in the cost of cleaning up illegal dumping.The bins for unwanted clothing are managed locally by Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE)-listed charity Geelong Disabled People Industries and nationally by SCRgroup.


SCA shopping centres have diverted over seven million kilograms of clothing from landfill since 2019. The centres have a partnership with SCRgroup, which provides local and national shopping centres with collection hubs to collect unwanted clothing and accessories.

Waste Management Review

Mondo’s story is a simple one, but it’s having a big impact. Since SCRgroup’s school program mascot began his reuse and recycling journey in 2015, participating schools have helped divert more than 580,000 kilograms of unwanted clothing from landfill. Last year, the top three schools participating in the Recycle with Mondo fundraising program helped to divert more than 45,000 kilograms of clothing.