SCRgroup offers local government innovative collection methods for clothing and e-waste that suit smaller urban spaces and multi-unit developments.

Our pop-up trailers can be placed from 3 months to 12 months or more depending on local government needs and come fully equipped with in-built sensors.

SCRgroup provides temporary pop-up stations that come in the form of customised trailers, to service areas that are densely populated with multi-unit developments. The stations suit inner city suburbs and councils that have limited land space available to host a more permanent fixture, such as clothing drop-off hubs.

The stations are recommended to be placed for a minimum of 3 months and can remain in their locations for as long as required by our client. Like SCRgroup’s clothing drop-off hubs, the stations also have inbuilt sensor technology to notify our drivers when they are reaching capacity, in addition to GPS trackers.

The stations are 1550mm (H) x 2500mm (L).

Other services offered to Councils:

Other services offered to Councils:

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