Sustainable sewing DIYs for beginners.

Article by: Anja de Rozario

Inspired by Aims and Indy Bindy to sew “me-made” but have no clue where to start? Try these super simple upcycling ideas from SCRgroup.

Idea #1: Fabric gift wrap

A sustainable alternative to paper gift wrap, fabric gift wrap is one of the easiest upcycling tips and only requires a pair of scissors. Old bedsheets can be used to wrap a gift of almost any size, and decorative tea towels (an easy upcycle project in itself) can be repurposed by the giftee. Use cute pins to hold the wrapping together or tear strips of fabric, stretching them out to use as ties.

Idea #2: Pillowcase tote bag

Studies say that a single organic cotton tote would need to be used every day for 54 years (nearly 20,000 times) in order to offset its environmental impact. Instead of buying one new, try your hand at a pillowcase tote. They’re already half made for you – just add handles by measuring and cutting four strips of fabric to the same length and width. Pair the strips together and sew around the borders to create two strong handles. Fold the open end of the pillowcase in 2cm and stitch down. Attach the handles to the folded edge, on the inside of the pillowcase.

Idea #3: Fabric cotton rounds

Trace circles onto your fabric with fabric chalk (for easy erasing) and cut them out. You will need two circles per round.  Pin the two circles together and stitch around the edge. Perfect for sustainable makeup removal or cleaning little noses.