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Every second of every day we collect a kilogram of unwanted clothing from around Australia via our many collection services and channels. Our work prevents 90 million items of clothing from ending up in landfill. This saves valuable finite resources and supports our global circular economy, ethically.

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Sustainability Statement

Collecting unwanted textiles plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability, reducing waste and contributing to the concept of a circular economy. We want to see textile products and materials kept in use for as long as possible. We do this by providing convenient ways for people to donate unwanted clothing.

30+ million kg

of unwanted textiles are collected through our services and programs each year

94% of textiles

we collect through our programs and services diverted from landfill

72 million

items of clothing delivered to communities that need them most each year

Our collection services

Collecting unwanted clothing, textiles and other household items in a convenient, ethical and sustainable way requires a combination of services and programs to suit everyone. SCRgroup has developed a range of collection services over 30 years that keep unwanted items out of landfill while delivering quality customer experience.

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Our Global Communities

We partner with councils, shopping centres, charities, retailers, schools, private or public organisations and landowners all over Australia. Get in touch to find out how we can work together.

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