Do you wash your pants and jeans after every wear? Housewife sparks a heated debate on the topic – and the answers may surprise you.

Article by: Matilda Rudd

An Australian housewife has sparked a heated debate online after asking a group of women how often they wash their trousers and jeans.

Katie took to the Facebook group The Organised Housewife to ask: Do you wash your pants after every wear?

The results were startling with some individuals swearing by the need to wash them each day, while others wore their sweat pants and jeans multiple times before even considering popping them in the washing machine.

‘I used to, then a couple of years ago I realised that I didn’t need to. Hang them to get a bit of fresh air and wash every second wear. I know so many people who don’t wash every wear, I’m not sure why I ever did at all,’ one woman replied.

‘I wash everything we’ve worn after every wear… I always have. I wash my sheets every 6th day and our towels every 4th day. I was born in Innisfail in Far North Queensland where often it was so humid you either say in the pool all day or showered at least three times a day. Old habits die hard,’ said another.

‘I used to as well but with kids this is exhausting. I wash them every second time,’ a third added.

Previously Alexis Todorovski from Australia’s largest and most innovative clothing recycling company SCRgroup told Daily Mail Australia exactly how often you need to wash winter staples like gloves, hats and beanies.


Woollen jumpers only need to be washed every two or three wears, according to Alexis, and should always be treated with care.

To make sure they don’t shrink or fall out of shape it is important to always use the wool wash setting on the washing machine or to wash each item by hand.

Coats and Jackets

Most coats and jackets only need to be washed once per season, before they are popped away for the summer months, Alexis explained.

This includes down jackets, leather jackets and woolen coats, as they don’t come into direct contact with skin as often as other pieces of clothing.

Suit Jackets

Suit jackets and blazers should be cleaned every four or five wears, the expert revealed, and should be dry cleaned.

Fleece Jackets

Fleeces should be washed every six or seven wears, according to Alexis.

Hoodies and tracksuit pants 

Hoodies should be washed every four or five wears, according to the expert who says tracksuit pants can also be kept for four wears before they are put in the wash.

But if they are worn during exercise then they should be washed straight away. 

‘Washing these items too often can cause pilling and for them to lose shape,’ she said. 

Beanies, scarves and gloves

These are the items that have the most direct contact with the skin so should be washed most often. They are also the items most people forget to wash.

‘It’s important to remember that they come in direct contact with facial oils, perfume build up, plus the germs you pick up with gloves, so at a minimum you should be washing them once a week,’ Alexis said.


The clothing expert rejected the theories that jeans should never be washed or that they should be cleaned by being placed in the freezer.

Instead she recommends jeans be washed in cold water only and always inside-out in order to prolong the life of the denim.

Jeans should only be washed once they look dirty.

Or, as a rule of thumb, for people who are active all day jeans should be washed every four wears.

If you sit behind a desk most of the time then you can get away with wearing your jeans ten times before they need to be cleaned.

‘You definitely should be washing them, however you don’t need to wash them often,’ she added.

Alexis said the best way to reduce the likelihood of your clothes reaching landfill before their time is to look after them correctly.