We are open, honest and transparent about everything we do. We’ve answered your questions below so you can understand what we’re all about.

Are you a charity?

SCRgroup is a registered Australian company. Through our for-purpose business model, we work with charities and social enterprices to provide sustainable funding and employment through our various collection programs, to support their charitable programs and reduce their costs. Our business model is a first for our industry in Australia, and we’re proud of how we deliver positive environmental, social and environmental outcomes through our work.

Does that mean you make a profit?

Yes. The nature of this industry is that charities and NGOs often struggle to be able to deliver on their mission – they simple don’t have the money. By operating this business self-sufficiently, we ensure that rather than using up valuable charity assistance funding we instead pay taxes and contribute ethically – as all businesses should.

We also are able to reinvest in research (such as developing solutions to solve illegal dumping) and innovation (manufacturing the Feelgood Hub). In addition, SCRgroup also fully funds their school programs, which includes awarding the top five schools with bonus funds at the end of the year for their efforts and developing educational materials inhouse.

Do you compete with charities?

We don’t compete with charities. We often work with and support charities as much as possible.

We have a number of different arrangements with national charities that include straight donations (clothing and monetary), supplying them with second-hand clothing that can be sold in their stores, providing employment, buying stock they can’t sell in their stores to keep an income going towards their social causes as well as reducing what they send to landfill, and fundraising through our school programs.

What are you doing about illegal Dumping?

Illegal Dumping, which is defined as leaving all types of items in all types of conditions beside clothing hubs or outside charity shops, is a global-wide industry problem.

SCRgroup plays a very active role in finding a solution and implements a multi-faceted strategy across its programs. The strategy has seen SCRgroup update their hub infrastructure and signage and increase efficiency in servicing, which include installing sensor technology inside clothing hubs. We have also introduced the topic of illegal dumping in our school education programs.

Who is Salvatore the Security Guard?

In 2018, SCRgroup developed the character Salvatore The Security Guard based on research from the UK and placed him on large signage with simplified wording translated in the top 3 languages spoken in the respectful council. Salvatore’s eyes are the focus of the signage and is designed to make dumpers feel as though they are being watched, deterring their behaviour. The sign has significantly reduced dumping across several sites with clothing drop-off hubs and is now being rolled out nationally.

Why do you partner with ADEs?

Our partnerships with ADE’s provides local employment and funding to Australian social enterprises and charities for the benefit of local communities and economies.

The people employed through our partner ADE’s love their work, earn regular incomes and take pride in what they do and we see this as the main benefit to our partnerships.

How ethical is your partner sorting facility in Malaysia in the employment of overseas workers?

Our partner Malaysian sorting facility uses a labour hire firm to ensure international ethical standards are met and adhered to, so all workers are treated well, work in safe premises and are paid fairly. We also meet any religious and cultural needs of the employees through the provision of facilities such as prayer rooms.

In 2019, SCRgroup announced that they will be undergoing a voluntary audit under the Modern Slavery Act (2018), to ensure all processes are ethically compliment. In addition, most of our clients are large government organisations, national charities and enterprises, and require their suppliers to meet certain standards. SCRgroup is committed to meeting their needs and expectations.

Do you accept torn materials and uniforms?

Yes we are now accepting torn materials and uniforms. We ask if you have these items to contact reception@scrg.com.au or call us, to organise a specialised pickup. SCRgroup is proud to be collaborating with Worn Up, an Australian based recycling company that converts textile fibres into building materials and furniture.

What items do you accept?

Depending on the service we provide, we accept a number of different items.

  • Clothing Drop-Off Hubs/Pop-Up Stations/Schools
    We accept clothing, shoes and fashion accessories in clean and wearable condition. We can also accept Manchester (linen, pillow cases and doona covers).
  • E-waste Drop-Off Hubs/Pop-Up Stations
    We accept small electrical items with a chord. We ask that all batteries be removed from items placed in our e-waste hubs.
  • Thread:collect
    We accept clothing, shoes and fashion accessories in clean and wearable condition. We also accept one bag of e-waste with every home pick-up of small electrical items with a chord. We ask that all batteries be removed from items placed for collection.
  • Pop-Up Recycling Days
    We accept clothing, shoes and fashion accessories in clean and wearable condition, small electrical items with a chord with all batteries removed and larger household items such as furniture, mattresses, whitegoods, bikes and toys.