We are open, honest and transparent about everything we do. We’ve answered your questions below so you can understand what we’re all about.

What does SCRgroup do?

SCRgroup is Australia’s largest, independently owned, solution provider for reducing clothing and textile waste from ending up in landfill. We do this through a range of collection programs and services designed to make it easy for Australians to recycle unwanted goods when it is convenient to them.

What items do you accept?

We accept a range of items depending on the service/program. This includes at:

• Clothing hubs, pop-ups, and schools
Clothing, shoes and fashion accessories in clean and wearable condition along with manchester (linen, pillowcases and doona covers).

• E-waste drop-off hubs and pop-ups
Small electrical items with a cord (batteries must be removed).

• Thread: Collect
Clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories in clean and wearable condition along with one bag of e-waste with every home pick-up of small electrical items with a chord (batteries must be removed).

• Pop-Up recycling days
Clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories in clean and wearable condition, along with small electrical items with a cord (batteries removed) and larger household items such as furniture, mattresses, whitegoods, bikes, and toys.

Where can I find a donation clothing hub?

We own and operate around 1700 clothing hubs across Australia.

Visit our Hub Finder to find one close to you.

Please remember to donate your items respectfully to ensure we preserve the presentation of the sites where our clothing hubs are located, and our environment.

Where does it all go?

SCRgroup pre-sorts clothing collected in Australia onshore to remove other donation commitments and potential contaminants such as food or wet material. From here, the clothing is shipped to global facilities where further sorting is undertaken by highly skilled teams who understand nuances in textile quality. Our integrated partner facility in Kuala Lumpur was established in 2012. An independent report on our Malaysian facility was undertaken by an expert Australian consultant in 2022. The report found our facility is quality-led, well established, and has a proven process to ensure all resources are sorted to their highest and best use in accordance with waste hierarchy guidelines while reducing any residual items ending up in landfill is kept to an absolute minimum.

Who owns SCRgroup?

SCRgroup is a privately owned family business established in 2011 by Chris Todorovski who is the Managing Director. The six-member Executive leads a team of around 20 direct employees based at the company’s Melbourne, Australia, headquarters with state managers in place across the country.

How do you work with charities?

Charity organisations are an important part of the secondhand clothing eco-system. We collaborate and partner with numerous Australian charities to provide stock that can be sold through charity stores. We also buy-back stock that charities can’t sell locally and find ways to keep this out of landfill. We also provide sustainable funding and employment opportunities and support many programs that can reduce their costs.

How do you work with Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs)?

SCRgroup believes in the power of community giving and equal work opportunities. Our partnerships with ADEs provides meaningful and gainful local employment and funding to Australian Disability Enterprises and other NFPs. The people employed through our partner ADEs love their work, earn regular incomes and take pride in participating in the community. We see this as the main benefit to our partnerships.

What certifications or accreditations does SCRgroup hold?

SCRgroup chooses long term investment over quick wins. We are committed to achieving quality outcomes while remaining environmentally and socially aware. For this reason, we have commenced our journey towards achieving certification in ISO Standards focused on Quality (9001:2015), Environmental Management (14001:2015) and Social Responsibility (26000). Given our commitment to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency, SCRgroup has also commenced its verification journey to become BCorp certified. We look forward to announcing these certifications soon.

Are you a member of your peak industry body?

Yes. SCRgroup is an active member of Charitable Recycling Australia. Additionally, SCRgroup is connected to international trade associations, education and advocacy groups to promote high standards and best practices for reuse and recycling of textiles and related secondary materials.

Are you an accredited exporter?

Yes. SCRgroup holds a national export accreditation and is viewed by industry as a leader and advocate for best practices.

What role does SCRgroup play in illegal dumping?

Illegal dumping of materials is a global problem that can happen anywhere – on roadsides, in carparks, in the bush and unfortunately sometimes at clothing hubs. We play an active role in finding innovative solutions that deter illegal dumping at our clothing hub sites. We also commit to best-in-class levels of service to collect any materials that are illegally dumped near clothing hubs we own and operate.