SCRgroup is proud to become an official Supporter of Australia’s first clothing stewardship scheme, Seamless, which officially launched in Sydney today.

Seamless SCRG
(L-R) SCRgroup Executive Director Finance and Operations Andre Samo, Seamless CEO Ainsley Simpson, Seamless Independent Chair Rosanna Iacono and Executive Chair Joe Carbone.

For 20 years SCRgroup has been at the forefront of textile recovery, championing the re-use of clothing, shoes and accessories in an ethical and responsible way that reduces these items ending up in landfill while making them accessible to local and global communities.

Attending today’s launch, SCRgroup Executive Chair Joe Carbone welcomed the official arrival of Seamless, an Australian Government initiative, saying he looked forward to being part of the collaborative solution to reduce the 200,000 tonnes of clothing from ending up in landfill each year.

“As Australian’s love of buying new clothing continues, it will take a significant amount of concerted and collaborative effort from the fashion industry along with re-use and recycling companies, government and other industry partners to achieve a circular economy by 2030,” he said.

“In this quest, we cannot lose sight of the critical economic and environmental role the secondhand clothing market plays both locally and overseas.

“Providing affordable quality clothing through charity op shops and community organisations to people for affordability reasons is critical but also many communities rely on their own microbusinesses that repair, upcycle or sell secondhand clothing. Retaining quality secondhand clothing in its original form must never be dismissed for recycling/downcycling-only solutions.”

SCRgroup is a Bcorp certified business with traditional clothing hubs located all over Australia that makes clothing re-use and recovery free, accessible and convenient for all Australians.

In addition, we offer reverse logistic solutions for fashion retailers and charities, doorstep collections in partnership with councils, and corporate programs.

Combined, our service and programs collect around 34 million tonnes of clothing that otherwise would have been destined for landfill; making SCRgroup Australia’s largest collector of secondhand clothing and textiles.

“We have a sophisticated and transparent supply chain that prioritises re-use, maximising the value and lifespan of clothing, continuing the thread of creativity, and achieving a more sustainable and efficient use of resources.

“We must continue to support the secondhand clothing market worldwide by ensuring access to quality and appropriate clothing at a much lower cost to new items making it an important part of today’s fashion eco system.”

Congratulations also to the Australian Fashion Council (AFC), and Seamless foundation members Big W, Cotton On Group, David Jones, Lorna Jane, Rip Curl, R.M. Williams, Sussan and THE ICONIC.

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