Join our national fundraising and education school program today. SCRgroup funds FREE school programs to empower future generations with knowledge to make better decisions with their preloved clothes.

COVID19 Update: SCRgroup has implemented changes to their school programs in accordance with Government guidelines. We are now accepting new school registrations and running collection as normal for the 2021 school year.

SCRgroup funds free national education and fundraising programs, Recycle with Mondo (for preschools and primary schools) and Sustainable Students (for secondary schools). The programs are designed to teach our future generations about the impact of fast fashion and the importance of clothing reuse and recycling.

Schools can select to run clothing drives or host clothing drop-off hubs, earning $0.10cents for every kilogram collected. Schools are ranked on SCRgroup’s school ladder based on the highest average collection per student (to make it fairer for smaller schools), and at the end of the year, the top 5 schools receive a bonus $1,000 each to go towards their sustainability projects.

SCRgroup offers access to online resources with educational activities that are curriculum-aligned and has an in-house educator that can extend the educational experience to half-day classroom incursions*. Mondo, the school program mascot, can also visit schools to present at assemblies and engage the students.

Since 2015, we have reached over 60,000 students, collected over 200,000 kilograms of clothing and raised over $35,000 for participating schools. In 2019, SCRgroup made the program available to schools in all metropolitan cities around Australia.

These programs can also be delivered as part of school holiday activities for SCRgroup’s shopping centre clients.

SCRgroup now offers a storybook called “Friends of Our World” that supports the program by telling the story of Mondo and is available for worldwide delivery. You can purchase the book at

*Incursions are more intensive and cost $650 + GST for schools in Victoria, and $1,995 for schools in all other states.