Recycling Directory

As a general rule, if it fits in the drop-off hub we’ll gratefully accept it.
This does mean, however, that we can’t accept oversized items that don’t fit inside the hub, as well as things like mattresses and furniture outside the scope of what we can reuse and recycle.

You’re probably aware that leaving things beside our hubs without actually putting them in constitutes illegal dumping – so if you see something, say something!

For all those things you want to dispose of sustainably but can’t do so at an SCRgroup hub, go right ahead and contact one of our recycling friends below.

Mattress Recycling

Furniture Recycling

White Goods Recycling

Books/Textbooks Recycling

Doona Blankets/Bedding Recycling

VHS Video Cassette Recycling

(Services – Recycling and Waste Services) Yarra City Council have e-waste recycling banks that also accept VHS tapes.

Other Recycling Directories We Love

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