Welcome to a world-first in clothing drop-off hub innovation. SCRgroup has redesigned clothing drop-off hubs as we’ve known them, incorporating technology and style.

A world first in clothing drop-off hub design, the Feelgood Hub is a complete revamp of the traditional metal clothing hubs aimed to enhance user experience, motivate users to drop-off their unwanted clothes and change perceptions around clothing hubs and their importance in our circular economy. The Feelgood Hub is intended to suit our higher end clients, such as upscale shopping centres, luxury hotels and large city councils.

The Feelgood Hub can be placed indoor or outdoor and comes in two models; a static lightbox screen with double sided advertising panels, and a video screen. Both models feature 2 customisable chutes, sleek design and perspex glass doors that can act as an anti-terrorism measure as well as options for different chute styles and in-built technology such as sensors.

The Feelgood Hub can also display advertisements, which acts as an additional income stream for our clients. If you’d like to host a Feelgood Hub or if you want more information, email us.