Fundraising and Education School Programs

Our fundraising and education school programs cater for primary and secondary schools. The purpose of our programs is to educate future generations about the importance of clothing reuse and recycling, while raising funds for important school projects. Our programs help students divert reusable items from landfill, instead giving the items a second life in global communities where they are needed the most. Schools can choose:

  • Recycling Hubs (schools are paid 0.10c per kilogram collected + a bonus once off $250 valid until 30 June 2019)
  • Clothing Drives (schools are paid 0.10c per kilogram collected)
  • Classroom Incursions (charged at a fee of $650 per school)

Since 2015, the program has reached over 40,000 students, saved almost 150,000 kilograms from landfill and raised over $25,000 for participating schools. It’s easy to organise, promotes sustainable behaviour and raises much needed awareness on our throw-away fast-fashion lifestyle. Students are provided with collection and sustainability reports that demonstrates the positive impact they have on the environment when they reuse and recycle. It also equips students with important skills to make better decisions with their unwanted clothing and household items.

This year SCRgroup will be running a competition for the top 5 schools who collect the most kilogram per student (to make it fair for our smaller schools). The top 5 schools will each receive $1000 prize money.


Recycle With Mondo (Primary School)

For more information on our primary school program, click here.

Sustainable Students (Secondary School)

For more information on our secondary school program, click here.

“It’s a great fundraiser for our school and now with the education program it just makes it even better.”

Diamond Creek Primary School

“Our parents/carers and staff supported the Mondo Recycling Program by understanding the importance of recycling and how it can benefit the environment and other countries in need.”

Epping Views Primary School

“SCR have proven to be a reliable team who have provided a valuable resource for our school. We are decreasing our contribution to landfill whilst also raising funds for our school Eco Team. It’s a win, win situation.”

Frankston High School
St McCartans Parish Primary School

SCRgroup is a proud sponsor of the 2017 and the 2018 ResourceSmart Schools Awards – Primary Schools Student Action Team of the Year.