Council partnerships are a mainstay of SCRgroup, and we are extremely flexible about meeting council needs and goals. SCR Group provides strategic, convenient and cost-effective council resource recovery programs, including customisable clothing and electrical drop-off hubs, residential kerbside collections and pop-up recycling drive-thru events. All of our programs enable councils to:

  • Meet ethics and sustainability goals
  • Reduce waste to landfill
  • Save costs on landfill fees
  • Minimise illegal dumping
  • Offer local employment opportunities
  • Provide convenient, free and accessible hubs for local residents to drop-off their unwanted items in an ethical and responsible way
  • Report on their social procurement from data provided by SCR Group

Our Services 

Pop-Up Drive Thru Recycling Days

Our Pop-Up Drive Thru Recycling Days are usually run on a designated Saturday in a large space provided by council (i.e. a large car park) for local residents to come by and drop-off their larger unwanted items, such as mattresses, furniture, whitegoods and other household items.

At the time of the event, SCR Group provides staff and traffic management, coordinating the whole event from start to finish with no need for logistics or supply chain management on the part of the local council. We’ll handle it all.

Click here to request a call back from our team to learn how your council can participate, and the prices involved. We acknowledge the nature of sustainability budgets and at all times strive to make these events and partnerships as cost-neutral as possible.

Customisable Clothing and Electrical Drop-Off Hubs 

SCR Group provides signature clothing and electrical drop-off hubs that we can customise to meet council requirements. To learn more about our hubs, click here.

To host free drop-off hubs in your council, contact us to arrange a site assessment.

Residential Kerbside Collections

Our kerbside collection program, Homecycle, occurs on the day after normal recycling collections and are co-designed and branded in collaboration with councils. They provide a convenient service for residents to reuse and recycle their unwanted clothing and homewares in the comfort of their own homes.

SCR Group delivers marketing support and marketing collateral to councils to help promote the program, as well as SMS/email reminder services and targeted social media campaigns. We also run the entire collection process which usually lasts two weeks, providing detailed collection reports and audits.

Click here to request a call back from our team to learn how your council can participate and prices involved.

scrgroup council partner

City of Yarra Clothing and Electrical Drop-Off Hubs, Fitzroy VIC

scrgroup council partner

City of Monash Clothing and Electrical Hubs, Mulgrave VIC

scrgroup council partner
scrgroup council partner