Recycle With Mondo for a Better World is an exciting educational and fundraising program for primary school students. Educational activities are distributed each term and are designed to introduce the importance of reuse and recycling and build knowledge. Topics include:

  • What Can I Recycle With Mondo?
  • Where Do My Things Come From?
  • Where Does Everything Go?

Educational talks can also be booked for classes or school assemblies.

The program encourages student leadership teams to establish fundraising goals and lead their peers and local community to collecting as much unwanted clothing, homewares and e-waste as possible to raise valuable funds for their school. Students are also provided with Sustainability Calculators so they can track their real-time impact their efforts are achieving.

Schools can select Designated Collection Days or opt to have Clothing Drop-Off Hubs installed on school premise, which can be customised in school colours or themed with our Recycle With Mondo mascot according to school requirements.

Collection Days earn .25c per kilo of unwanted items collected and Clothing Drop-Off Hubs earn .10c per kilo of unwanted items collected. Schools that have Clothing Drop-Off Hubs on average earn twice as much as schools that only participate in Collection Days.


How it works

1. Register online or email

2. Receive your Recycle with Mondo Education Kit, including promotional flyers and posters

3. Distribute your promotional flyers

4. Our van will be at your school/centre on the morning of your collection day to collect your goods or if you opt to install Clothing Drop-Off Hubs, regular collections will be scheduled.

5. Schools will be paid per collection and provided with collection reports at the end of each term.

6. We will provide your school/ centre’s sustainability report for waste, water, energy and greenhouse gas savings. This information can be used as part of your ResourceSmart program.

What can be collected?

All clean, wearable children and adult’s clothing, paired shoes, hats, handbags, belts, fashion accessories, toys, towels, sheets, pillowcases, doona covers and electrical items (SCR Group offers Electrical Drop-Off Hubs).

What can’t be collected?

Wet, dirty, torn items, donnas, pillows, books, homewares.

What happens to the clothes?

Clothing and other goods collected are sorted for reuse and recycling. They are provided to charities on request and distributed in Australia and globally to maximise their reuse and recycling potential, providing employment, affordable clothing and improving livelihoods in developing countries.