Our customisable clothing and electrical drop-off hubs enable convenient public place drop-off locations for unwanted clothing, homewares and electricals for reuse and recycling.


The Benefits

  • Our hubs are serviced weekly to daily, depending on the needs of each site
  • We have a free 24 hour hotline available to the public
  • We have a guaranteed 24 hour response rate for overflowing sites
  • All of our collections can be tracked along the SCR journey, from point of pick-up to final destination in local and global markets
  • We follow Best Practise Guidelines, created by Sustainability Victoria
  • Our labels are clear, transparent and informative. The design includes public input to ensure the public receive the information they need before choosing to reuse and recycle with us

Who Collects from SCR Group Drop-Off Hubs?

SCR Group partners with over 14 Australian Disability Enterprises  (ADEs) around Australia to provide people with disabilities the opportunity to integrate into the workforce and earn an income. Our ADEs are trained to service and maintain some of our sites in VIC, NSW, QLD, WA and SA.

We also partner with Whitelion, a not-for-profit Melbourne based organisation who helps youth at risk get off the streets, out of jail and into a job. We work with Whitelion to provide jobs for youth-at-risk, giving them the chance to enjoy the self-esteem that comes with having paid work and offer one-on-one mentoring to help guide them through their transition. SCR Group is also a fundraising partner with Whitelion, helping Whitelion raise thousands of dollars each year.

Our other sites are serviced and maintained by SCR Group contracted drivers who work around the clock to ensure upkeep and cleanliness of the remaining locations.

Illegal Dumping

SCR Group understands that illegal dumping is a big concern for councils. We offer a free hotline to report illegal dumping cases, and have a 24 hour response rate guarantee to clean up sites where dumping has occurred.

We are also actively involved in finding a solution to significantly reduce and eliminate illegal dumping altogether. Through our research, we have identified a number of factors that motivate different groups to illegally dump such as inefficient education around illegal dumping, their socio-economic status, crime rates and the variety of recycling options that their local council offers.

SCR Group provides other council services, like Kerbside Collections and Pop-Up Recycling Days that are free for the public to ethically dispose their larger household items such as toys, appliances and furniture they no longer want but do not fit in their local drop-off hubs.

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